Discover a hidden realm of Mystery, Magic, and Wonder

The Movie

Faeries are real, they are everywhere, and whether you can find them depends on how you choose to see the world.

The realm of Faerie exists in myths and legends around the world throughout recorded history. Who and what are faeries? Where did they come from? How can we see and interact with them? Is there a connection between faerie energy and quantum physics? In the wake of oil spills and climate change, what can the Faeries teach us about nature, the environment, and saving our planet?

Renowned Oregon-based artist John Curtis Crawford and writer/story-teller Bridget Wolfe, lead us on a journey of discovery to find the GATEWAYS TO FAERIE, a place where we are encouraged to share their deep and abiding reverence for the natural world. John's odyssey began as a puppeteer and model builder in Hollywood, having worked with such luminaries as Jim Henson and Sid & Marty Krofft, (as well as dozens of commercials featuring the Keebler elves). As he puts it, 'Bringing the appearance of animate life to inanimate objects...' inspired him to explore the mysteries of perception and reality. In collaboration with his wife Bridget (a psycho-therapist with many years of Shamanic training), John began creating his unique and beguiling faerie houses -- each one accompanied by one of Bridget's original stories -- which are treasured by collectors worldwide.

“…Their voices echo within the whispers of the wind; a stream rushing over stones tells their story. Their faces peer at us from the trunk of a gnarled oak, the dew puddled inside a rose, or the momentary shape of a cloud. We see them in a fleeting movement of light or hear a distant tinkle that sounds like laughter. They are the fairies, the otherworldly presence whose legends live in every culture on every continent, called by innumerable names and given many different visages.” GATEWAYS TO FAERIE is aimed at the child in the adult and the adult in the child.

As the film explores questions like “What are Fairies?” and “How can I see Fairies?” it is really asking viewers to examine how they choose to see the world -- as a mechanized, hierarchical structure of assets to be exploited by humans, or as a rich, interconnected web of life energies, each with a purpose, a voice, and a lesson to teach. If you can accept the latter vision as a possibility, you are ready to begin the quest to find the magical realm of Faerie and the spirits who inhabit it.

Such a quest is always a journey of discovery and John Crawford and Bridget Wolfe lead us on an expedition through woods, across rivers, and into realms of mysticism and quantum physics in the search for the reality of Faeries. For them, the invitation to begin this trek came with a simple request from the Faeries to build them a house. Others saw the Faerie House in their yard and wanted one; soon they found themselves creating houses, each with their own stories, for people of all ages across the country and around the world. Examples of John’s enchanted creations delight us throughout the film and his deep connection to wood and stone inform his unique construction process which is demonstrated.

GATEWAYS TO FAERIE is the product of a long collaboration between Oregon artists John Curtis Crawford & Bridget Wolfe and Austin, Texas based filmmaker Andy Corwin. Having first met in 2002, when Corwin directed and edited a short segment about John's work for Home and Garden TV, a close friendship ensued and over the course of the next several years they discussed various ideas for expanding the project to be able to explore the spiritual dimensions of Faerie --- beyond the craft of making a faerie house. Principal photography began in Oregon in the summer of 2008. A return trip the following summer (to film John & Bridget teaching a workshop at the Sitka Center for Art and Ecology, near Lincoln City, Oregon) as well as additional filming in Texas, Utah, Arizona and California provided the natural palette from which the story grew.

In addition to breathtaking nature photography, the film treats us to enchanting visual images by legendary fantasy artist, Brian Froud (The Dark Crystal; Labyrinth) and British Faerie artist, Linda Ravenscroft as well as the mystical refrains of original music by Annie Wenz.

Produced on a shoestring budget... made possible by the generous help and support of friends and colleagues, this fantasy/documentary teaches us to see with our imagination – and gives us permission to believe what we see. It tells us that, “If you are on a quest to find faerie, there are many paths to wander. But there’s only one rule: allow yourself to go back to the place in your childhood where everything you believed was true, and filled with wonder.